Monday, 14 March 2016


My little sewing group had a challenge to make a traditional quilt from a book that we have in our library. I have forgotten the nameright now.  I  will find it and name it. Although I am not very fond of doing traditional quilts, I am very fond of challenges. I decided that I could make a traditional quilt-but make the quilt my own.
I have a fondness for black and white fabrics and had a lot of them in my stash. I decided that I would use them and some red that I had, too.
I seem to have a lot of trouble following directions. It was not easy to assemble the blocks in the manner of the pattern, but I did it and was one of the first ones finished!!  I like to put a surprise colour on the binding. In this case I used a little bit of flame pattern for a small border, then a black and white border and a binding of turquoise blue!! Just my style.
Not in any kind of a hurry to do another one.
Thanks for stopping by.

Still not that fond of tradition.

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  1. It's not traditional. It is traditional twist!