Monday, 7 March 2016

Michelle Karch Ackerman Installation in Grimsby

I went to the Grimsby Ontario Art Gallery today to see the installation retrospective by Michelle Karch Ackerman. I have been a fan for several years and had seen two previous shows. I was especially interested in seeing the Lost Margaret pieces. I was not disappointed.
These are christening gowns that were made for babies who died before they were christened.
There are three very long gowns, soiled by the earth and floating above many small babies.

In the center of the room, curtains made of hankies, doilies, dresser scarves enclose a small dresser  filled with clothing from the past.
This was work from an artist residency in a hospital and speaks to the confinement of people afflicted with tuberculosis.

On another wall are many tiny knitted sweaters, aged by time (and tea) hung on sticks.

They are commemorating the lost boys from the Battle of Beaumont Hamel during the First World War.

The First Newfoundland Regiment suffered overwhelming losses in this battle. Seven hundred men were wounded or killed from the regiment of 801 men.

 The artist invites knitters to contribute to the wall of sweaters by knitting a sweater for the collection. Read about it here.

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