Thursday, 20 November 2014

What Marilyn might have looked like if She had Reached 80 Years of Age

I made this quilt in honour of my Grandmother Rose Sherman. When she turned 80 years of age the Niagara Falls Evening Review published an article about her with this photo. I had the photo screen printed onto polyester broad cloth and assembled the quilt in a fashion inspired by Andy Warhol's iconic series of Marilyn Monroe. I chose the colour of the fabric because Grandma's name was Rose.
On the private side of the quilt (the Back) I wrote a little bit of her history.
She was born Rose Arminthy Watkins on Sept.5 1888 to Julia Arminthy Rock and George Watkins. In October 1910, she married Benjamin Julius Sherman. They had nine children . My mother Helene Esther was their seventh child. They had 32 grandchildren.
I also wrote all of the things that I could remember about Grandma.
She loved to do jigsaw puzzles, she also had a sweet tooth.  She especially liked the horehound candies from a little candy shop on Queen street. My mother would get upset at having to drive all the way from Montrose Road to Queen street just to get her candies.
Grandma also like to drink beer. She kept a salt shaker handy and would sprinkle salt into her glass as she drank.
She also would very often wear more than one dress at a time. Her wool skirt would be seen below the hem of her printed silk dress.
As far as I know Grandma did not do any needlework of any kind.