Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Day the Deer came to Visit

We often sit in the living room of my daughter's home and watch the deer eating apples from the old apple tree on the hill.
One autumn afternoon we were in the living room and we heard a loud crash in the kitchen. We all ran to the kitchen and were surprised to see a big buck had pushed in the screen and was helping himself to an apple out of the bowl on the counter.
He lifted his head when he saw us, and reached down into the bowl to get another apple.
With a twist of his head, his antlers were free of the window frame. He sauntered away into the woods without looking back.
I knew that was a quilt in the making!!

I have had the black and white prints in my stash for a long time. I used them to make the walls of her house.
The deer pattern is from Luke Haines-a freebie on the internet. The landscape pic is one that I took in the neighbourhood.

The apples came from a Jane Sasaman print that I had recently purchased. The bowl is a Japanese print. The ribbon came from Ribbonworks.ca,

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