Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I never made a Quilt for my Mother

I have been a fan of Kathleen Loomis for a long time. She teaches and creates award winning quilts using a very labour intensive method that she has named fine line piecing. She inserts a very thin strip a fabric into every seam. I made this quilt using her technique. I had the turquoise print fabric in my stash for a long time and decided that it was time to use it. I pieced and cut and pieced and cut and pieced and cut until I was so tired of it that I decided it was time to quit.
I call this quilt "I Never Made a Quilt for my Mother". It shows the long slow decline into Alzheimer's disease that my mother endured. the top section represents the beautiful vibrant woman who raised five children, was a loving wife and partner and was very creative.
The descent into forgetfulness and dementia was slow but steady. In the final stages she was lost to us.


  1. Wonderful story to go with your quilt piece. Horrible disease to watch a love one go through.

    1. Yes Jo, We lost her twice-once to dementia and then in death. I don't know which loss was harder to accept.