Sunday, 7 February 2016

Are You Lucky?

I had an interesting conversation with a peer recently. She told me that she did not think that she and her spouse were lucky. I was surprised that she said that. They have been married for over forty years, raised two children and have a slew of grandchildren. They travel a great deal, mostly in their huge motor home. looks pretty lucky to me.
She went on to say that everything that they have has been gained through hard work-not luck.

I wonder. Would holding the same job and being progressively promoted be hard work. Yes, I think so but there must be a bit of luck there also. Lucky that one of the many new conglomerates that have purchased the company that he works at have not decided to close down that particular operation. Plants are closed often when sales are made and new companies take over-not because of lack of productivity but just not the new owners particular favourite. A local plant received highest honors in the company for productivity one year and was closed the next. Just didn't fit in the companies plans.

You, dear reader might wonder where this rant is leading. I started this blog to record my fiber art-not to talk about local politics or even opinion but I have been really concerned lately with a lot of comments by women in my peer group--lets call them the senior citizens -but don't tell them I called them that. Sometimes they are just so darned  privileged that they don't even know it. Vacations and pensions and right of way have become expected and not appreciated.

The recent influx of refugees from Syria has been the topic of conversation. Some of my peers are so steadfastly against welcoming these people. Where will they find jobs in our poor economy? How much is it going to cost us? Is it just that they haven't worked hard enough to keep their family safe or is it just that they have not been lucky.

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