Monday, 25 January 2016


Every year at the beginning of December, I hang these clothes outside to air on the line. They stay there until Christmas Eve.

I found the red long johns this year and added them to the line.

After Christmas they came into the house, were washed and have become my favourite pyjamas.
I can't wait to put them on after supper and sometimes wear them longer into the day than really necessary.

This morning, I found two little holes in the legs of my long johns. I think they have been there since they were outside hanging on the line. Testament to the power of a December wind.
At first I was dismayed about the holes and then I realized that its just another opportunity for a bit of creative visible mending. So I will sit in front of the fireplace--its really just a channel on TV--and embroider a little bit.
Visit  website for some very inspirational visible mending.

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