Thursday, 4 June 2015

School Project

My friend is a teacher at a local school. She invited me to her classroom to show some of my quilts. While I was there, I asked the children to help me make another quilt. I gave them each a 4 inch square of muslin and crayons and they coloured blocks for me. I put them together like this.  The top one is from the kindergarten class. Around the outside I stitched symbols that say. One day Mrs. Sirianni came to our school to show us her quilts. The children loved them and helped her to make this quilt. 2015.
The bottom one is from the Grade 2 class. The stitching in the corners says the children at this school made this quilt with love in 2015.
The children loved the quilts. They all had a little story to tell about their block and we had a great afternoon together.
What a great project for a group.!!

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  1. What a great project. I am sure the kids loved it!